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Critique & Praxis wins 2021 Lionel Trilling Book Award.

GITMO Client Abdul Latif Nasser Returned Home to Morocco.

New piece in TLS on our expository society, July 21, 2021

Opinion piece on the January Insurrection in Boston Review, January 7, 2021

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The Counterrevolution: How Our Government Went to War Against Its Own Citizens (Basic Books, 2018): read more here.

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Join us here at the Schaunbühne Theatre in Berlin for a discussion with Carolin Emcke on The Counterrevolution (in English after German introductions):

Streitraum: Konterrevolution – Amerika im Krieg gegen die eigenen Bürger? from Streitraum on Vimeo.


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Discussion of the book with Uday Singh Mehta and Seyla Benhabib at Columbia University: